David Hale

David Hale is currently working in the private sector.  He has a wide range of law enforcement training and experience. 

David Hale received management training from several prestigious law enforcement organizations.  David completed the FBI-LEEDA 110th Command Institute for Law Enforcement Executives and he is a graduate of the Rural Executive Management Institute.

David Hale was a Mission Pilot in the auxiliary branch of the United States Air Force.  He served under contract for the California Department of Justice to qualify special agents.  As a law enforcement officer he also served on the Louisiana State Task Force after the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

David Hale completed extensive training with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center along with several other premier law enforcement organizations; including but not limited to, the United States Air Marshal Service, the United States Attorneys Office, the United States Secret Service, the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration, the United States Department of Homeland Security, the Regional Organized Crime Information Center, the National White Collar Crime Center and the United States Department of Justice.


David Hale Law Enforcement Commander  |  Private Intelligence